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As you can see this website currently is still under construction. Feel free however to already sign up.

Our goal is to bring online dating to a completely new level

It is highly unlikely this is the first dating website you've encountered. So we can understand for you to sign up with us, at first we will have to succeed in convincing you this dating website is not going to be the sh*t you most probably got used to and has made you very sceptical towards the concept of online dating in its entirety.

Fact of the matter is this website was developed by one who came to the exact same conclusion as you probably did and made you give up on the entire concept.

A few pests that you will find almost everywhere and on any dating website we will summorize just to let you know we know all about it.

1. Robots sending you standardised messages. Often giving you their e-mail adress in their first message or asking yours. If you reply them and for example ask a specific question you get a standardised respons back if any response at all and totally ignoring your question

We have thoroughly protected our website against intrusion of robots with untill now 100 % succes. If necessary we will improve our protection against this internet disease even more in the future. In case you might encounter some robots on our website please let us know.

2. Prostitution. If you are in need of a hooker you will find them wherever in the world you are. We have our ways to deal with this phenomena and will not say more about this here.

We want to create and maintain an evironment for geniun singles seeking contact with other geniun singles in an attempt to end this singleness and start a family. If however you would be confronted with prostitution of any kind on this website please let us know. We will also not allow publicity on our website for prostitution.